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Free download Tankzors java games.

Here you can always download for free the latest versions of java-games Tankzors and Tankzors Pro for your Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, or for any other phone that supports Java.

2 ways to download free Tankzors to your mobile phone.

1. Quick download and install.
Use your phone’s web browser to visit the address m.tankzors.com.
Go to the page "Download Tankzors" or "Download Tankzors Pro". Find item "Install Tankzors on phone" and click on the link with jad file.
Follow the phone instructions to download and install the game.
This is the easiest way to download Tankzors or Tankzors Pro right on your Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, Samsung or other cell phone.
2. Download and install through your PC.
Download Jar file from this page below to your PC. Or download Jar and Jad files if your phone model requires both files at once.
Install game file(s) from PC to your phone trough the phone manufacturer software using Bluetooth or a data cable.
Have a look at screenshorts and download Tankzors and Tankzors Pro below!

Screenshots of Tankzors:

Tankzors screenshot_1 Tankzors screenshot_2 Tankzors screenshot_3 Tankzors screenshot_6 Tankzors screenshot_4 Tankzors screenshot_5 Tankzors screenshot_7 Tankzors screenshot_8

Download Tankzors (340 kb):

Tankzors available in languages: English German Czech Polish Portuguese Spanish Russian Vietnamese

Click Like to access your free download or wait 30 seconds:

Tankzors 5.1. English German Czech Polish Portuguese Spanish Russian Vietnamese
Tankzors Jad Jar Jad Jar Jad Jar Jad Jar Jad Jar Jad Jar Jad Jar Jad Jar
Tankzors Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip
  • Note!
  • In case you have an ealier version of Tankzors than version 5 your version is not be overwritten by version 5.
    Tankzors 5 is a separate game file. After installation of Tankzors 5 you will have both games installed on your phone at once.
  • But in case a new version of Tankzors will be released (5.2., 5.3. or... 5.6.) you should install the new game over the existing Tankzors 5 without removing it. And you should agree when the mobile phone will asks you to save the user data.
    In this case all program and registration data will remain intact.

Screenshots of Tankzors Pro:

Tankzors_Pro_screenshot_1 Tankzors_Pro_screenshot_2 Tankzors_Pro_screenshot_3 Tankzors_Pro_screenshot_4 Tankzors_Pro_screenshot_5 Tankzors_Pro_screenshot_6 Tankzors_Pro_screenshot_7 Tankzors_Pro_screenshot_8

Download Tankzors Pro (530 kb):

Tankzors Pro available in languages: English Russian

Click Like to access your free download or wait 30 seconds:

Tankzors Pro English Russian
Tankzors_Pro Jad Jar Jad Jar
Tankzors_Pro Zip Zip
  • Note!
  • Turn on bluetooth when you run Tankzors Pro for the first time. The keys are generated on the IMEI basis.
    So getting the key you can update Tankzors Pro on a newer version of the game. And newer version will work with the same key.
  • If Tankzors Pro does not start.
    Try to download and install Tankzors. It is compatible with a more numbers of phones.
  • If Tankzors Pro starts but closes outright. Or if it closes after the first level.
    Try to start the game without music and reduce graphic level to "1" in the game item "settings".

Compatible phones with Tankzors java games.

  • Cell phones listed below are not the only cell phones compatible with Tankzors or Tankzors Pro.
    The cell phones which are listed here were tested by us personally.
    In any case you must try downloading the game and see if Tankzors works on your Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and other phone or doesn't work.
  • Don't be afraid to download Tankzors or Tankzors Pro, they are free to download anyways!
Alcatel OT-C701; OT-V670; OT-V770
Asus M530w; P535
Benq EF81
BlackBerry 8520; 8900 Curve
Fly HUMMER; IQ-120; LX600; LX610; SX210
Glofish X610
K-touch H888
Motorola W385
LG CU720; CU915; CU920;
KC550; KC910
KF350; KF510; KF600; KF750
KM380; KM385;
KP320; KP235; KP500;
KS360; KS660
KU380; KU830; KU990; U250
Huawei U121
Nexian NX-T922
Nokia 2680;
3109; 3110; 3120 classic; 3220; 3250; 3500; 3600 slide;
5000; 5130; 5200; 5220XpressMusic; 5300; 5310 XpressMusic; 5320; 5500;
5610 XpressMusic; 5700 XpressMusic; 5800;
6085; 6110 Navigator; 6111; 6120; 6125; 6131; 6151; 6210 Navigator; 6220; 6230; 6230i; 6233; 6234; 6267; 6270; 6280; 6288; 6290; 6300; 6301; 6500; 6600; 6630; 6680; 6681;
7100; 7210 Supernova; 7310; 7373; 7500; 7510 Supernova; 7610 Supernova;
8800 sirocco edition;
E50; E51; E61; E61i; E62; E63; E65; E66; E70; E71; E90;
N70; N71; N72; N73; N76; N77; N78; N79; N80; N81; N82; N91; N92; N93; N95; N95_8GB; N96
Philips X550; X620; X830
Samsung C3110; C5212;
S3030; S3600; S3600; S7330;
SGH-A867; SGH-B520; SGH-D780; SGH-D780; SGH-D880; SGH-D900i; SGH-E200; SGH E210; SGH-E490; SGH-E570; SGH-E590; SGH-E740; SGH-E790; SGH-E840; SGH-E840; SGH-E900; SGH E950; SGH-F250; SGH-F275L; SGH-F480; SGH-G400; SGH-G600; SGH-G810; SGH-i607 BlackJack; SGH -I200; SGH-I450; SGH-I520; SGH-I550; SGH-J150; SGH-J210; SGH-J400; SGH-J600; SGH-J610; SGH-J700; SGH-J770; SGH-L310; SGH-L320; SGH-L600; SGH-L770; SGH-L811; SGH-M150; SGH-M620; SGH-P310; SGH-U300; SGH-U600; SGH-U800; SGH-U900;
Sony Ericsson C702; C902; C905; G502; G700; G900; J300i;
K300i; K320i; K330; K500i; K510i; K530i; K550i; K600i; K610i; K618i; K630i; K660i; K700i; K750i; K770i; K790i; K800; K810i; K850i; M600i;
P1i; P990i; R300; S500i;
T280i; T303; T650i; T700; TM506;
V630i; W200i; W300i; W350a; W350i; W380a; W380i; W550i; W580i; W595s; W600i; W610i; W660i; W700i; W710i; W760i; W800c; W800i; W810i; W850i; W880i; W890i; W900i; W902; W910i; W950i; W960i; W980;
Z310i; Z520i; Z530i; Z550i; Z555i; Z558i; Z610i; Z710i; Z750i; Z770i; Z800
ZTE T100Life